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       APT  company for real estate investment and second residency



Dominica's  area is 15 degrees North scope and 61 degrees  West longitude.  The island sits    halfway along  the Eastern  Caribbean  archipelago,  only a couple of  miles from Martinique toward  the south and Guadeloupe toward the north. Its official name is the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is for the most   part  referenced  in  official  reports  and  to recognize  the island  from its  northerly Caribbean sister, the Dominican Republic. 

Saint Kitts & Nevis

Saint  Kitts  and  Nevis  is  a  dual-island nation situated between the Atlantic Ocean and  Caribbean Sea It's   known    for    cloud-shrouded mountains  and  beaches.  Many of its  former  sugar  plantations  are now  inns   or   atmospheric   ruins The larger of the  2  islands,  Saint Kitts, is dominated by the dormant Mount Liamuiga  volcano,  home to a crater   lake,  green  vervet   and monkeys   rainforest  crisscrossed with hiking trails.

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Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean, has rich, turbulent history stretching back  to  antiquity Known for its beaches, it has a rugged interior with wine-growing regions. It’s  separated  into a  Greek south and Turkish north,  with  the  capital  Nicosia also  divided.   Coastal   Paphos  is   famed   for   its archaeological   sites     relating    to   the   cult   of Aphrodite, including ruins  of   palaces,   tombs and mosaic-adorned villas.

Cyprus is a   major  tourist  destination      in  the Mediterranean.   With an advanced,  high-income economy and a very high Human, the Republic of Cyprus is  a member of the commonwealth since 1961 and was  a  founding     member of the Non-Aligned Movement until it joined the     European Union on 1 May 2004. On 1 January       2008, the Republic of Cyprus joined the euro zone.

Apt Company Funded by Mr. Mandub Mohammad Mahmud with over 15 years’ experience in the property industry, established   Apt Company in 2015 to offer a professional and totally comprehensive property service to those clients who appreciate the benefits of dealing with one reliable point of contact through all facets of property transactions in Kurdistan Region with its own offices in all Kurdistan.

Apt Company was first company in all region who provide the Second Residency services for all Iraqi citizen for both Commonwealth of Dominica and Commonwealth of Saint Kitts and Nevis, with its own offices in Three countries in Central Europe, offering honest and personal service enjoyed by many long term clients such as Business Men's and Reach Peoples an millionaires in all Iraq.

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